Diesel Mechanic – Fairview Express

Our Diesel Mechanics are responsible for preventative maintenance of equipment on site. We are looking for applicants that will care for machinery, keep it in good working order, and prevent as many breakdowns and emergency repairs as possible! When breakdowns do occur, we need a Diesel Mechanic that has thought ahead. One of your job responsibilities will be to identify which parts need to be ordered and on hand for quick emergency repairs, in order to decrease the downtime of the machinery. You will also be responsible for proper care of all of the tools. We are looking for applicants that have the ability to troubleshoot mechanical problems, taking the initiative to not just fix the problem but identify it accurately. You will need to be able understand and interpret diagnostic codes, and communicate what is needed to efficiently and thoroughly complete the repair.

In addition to your mechanical skills, we also need a Diesel Mechanic that works well with our team. Good communication skills with the site manager will be important. You’ll be working together with other mechanics on site, and will be expected to collaborate with these other team members in order to troubleshoot problems and repair breakdowns. At times, outside contractors may be joining our mechanics team, and we need a Diesel Mechanic that will work professionally with outside contractors and represent J-Six Enterprises exceptionally.

Compensation ranges from $28 – $33/hour.

To apply, go to jsixenterprises.com or (785) 336-5470.