Shipping/Assembly Technician

Your responsibilities
Assemble equipment in accordance with the blueprint provided for each piece of equipment. Performs other related duties such as attaching decals; performing minor paint touchup; testing; installing plumbing, electrical controls, timing devices; and securing nuts and bolts, guards, belts, chains, and numerous other small parts for Schenck Process’s complete product line.
Packages assembled product securing, tagging, and attaching any loose hardware. Prepares packing lists and records on shipping log noting any shortages.
Loads packaged equipment on trucks and contacts transportation carriers and customers to coordinate shipping.
Constructs skids and crates for outbound shipping. Figures skid sizes for each piece of equipment and for the entire shipment (to determine how many can fit on a truck).
Your qualifications
High school diploma or equivalent.
Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
Skill in reading blueprints and technical instructions.
Skill in operating a forklift, pallet jack, air driven tools, electrical tools, and hand tools.

To apply, email