MDS Coordinator

Comply with the Facility’s personnel, safety, and corporate policies and procedures.
Comply with the nursing department’s policies and procedures.
Report witnessed or reported allegations of resident abuse/neglect immediately to the Administrator, Director of Nursing or Unit Manager.
Treat residents, family members, visitors, and team members with respect and dignity.
Maintain the confidentiality of all resident and family information.
Report to work on time and as scheduled.
Conduct initial and periodic comprehensive, accurate and standardized assessments of each resident.
Perform administrative duties such as completing medical forms, reports, evaluations, studies, etc., as necessary.
Develop, implement, and maintain an ongoing quality assurance program for the resident assessment/care plans.
Ensure that a comprehensive care plan is completed within twenty-one days of the resident’s admission.
Participate in Facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies.
Lead the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team in developing a comprehensive resident assessment and care plan for each resident; including measurable objectives and time tables to meet resident’s medical, nursing, mental and psychological well-being.
Participate in functions involving discharge plans as may be necessary.
Maintain an effective, friendly working relationship with health professionals, physicians, consultants, and governmental agencies that may be involved in the resident assessment/care plan functions of the Facility.
Conduct or coordinate the interviewing of each resident for the resident’s assessment.
Develop and implement procedures with the Director of Nursing Services to inform all assessment team members of the arrival of newly admitted residents.
Coordinate the development of a written plan of care (preliminary and comprehensive) for each resident that identifies the problems/needs of the resident, indicates the care to be given, goals to be accomplished, and which professional service is responsible for each element of care.

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