Individual Home Caregiver

I’m looking for evening home care help for Monday, Tuesday, Wed. Thurs. 6-8:30pm. (or can be 5:30pm-8pm). Most people like working for me and my friendly, positive personality. Let’s meet and see if we are a “good fit” for my needs.

I’m needing a woman care helper. Does not require CNA or nursing degree, but experience providing care is helpful (i.e., caregiver to aging parent, raised kids,etc). Able to pass a background check. Workplace alcohol/drug free. Desire a worker who is mature, dependable, dedicated, trustworthy, able to carry out job duties and their own household experience is an advantage. Must have reliable transportation (& back up in case).

Work for a healthy disabled woman who is a WU alum, intelligent, active, friendly, has many interests and lives a full life. Fairly independent individual, but needs care helper for some tasks or assistance completing others. I have body limitations not any mental, reasoning, speech or communication issues. My disability doesn’t involve any infectious or contagious issues.

Evening Employee typically helps with some personal care assistance . Meal assistance helping me assemble, reheat, or simple cook. I like cooking and usually get dinner ready earlier in the day. We follow up evening housekeeping as continuation of what has been started in the day. Evening housekeeping tasks when/as needed might be switching out, bringing up, putting away laundry, emptying trash, washing dinner dishes, vacuuming/sweeping/mop etc..
No total lifting (I use a transfer slide board for bed to chair transfers), but applicant needs to be physically able to assist with duties including Stepping, bending, going up/down stairs for laundry, etc..

I prefer a direct ongoing relationship with my helpers rather than agency staffing. I am a patient person and willing to guide helper to get familiarized. For more detailed information, questions, or to schedule an interview, contact JB at careassistjob at or (785)845-1749.