Heavy Equipment Operator

Adams Land & Cattle, LLC (ALCC) is a progressive, family-owned cattle feeding business, located in Broken Bow, Nebraska. ALCC began in 1945 as a small dairy farm on 300 acres east of Broken Bow. Today, ALCC remains family-owned, but has grown into a multi-location operation with finishing lots in Nebraska and more than 100 backgrounding locations throughout the US and Canada.

This person will be responsible for:
– Operating various equipment such as loaders, articulated dump trucks, tractors, skid steers, dirt scrapers, grader, and dozers in a safe manner.
– Piling manure, loading trucks, hauling manure, drag scraping pens, repairing bunkpads and vet pen areas, cleaning bunkpads, tracking drainways for drying, clearing mounds for cattle comfort, GPS dozing of drainways as needed, etc.
– Executing the goals to maintain and repair pens according to the strategy outline by the management team.
– Ensuring the quality of pen maintenance and repair workmanship supports the overall lowest cost program by minimizing damage to pens, reducing replacement dirt, and reducing future activity, if possible.
– Ensuring that equipment is maintained, greased, washed, and preventive maintenance activities completed in a timely fashion.
– Supporting any and all efforts needed during storm recovery.
– Completing daily activity sheets, load sheets, equipment maintenance logs, etc. in an accurate and timely fashion.
– Recognizing that weather conditions may require constant change in activities and that cattle comfort is first and foremost regarding this activity.
– Working effectively in a team environment to complete tasks.

Ideal candidate would possess the following qualifications:
– Mechanically inclined with working knowledge of large diesel powered equipment.
– Demonstration of skills, knowledge, and experience in pen manure management and pen maintenance.
– Ability and willingness to learn and operate multiple pieces of equipment as needed to support the team.
– Proficient in routine and preventive maintenance of equipment.
– Individual must work well in team-oriented environment.
– Commitment to safety and quality culture.
– Experience to align with the Heavy Equipment levels established for the position.

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Listing expires on Monday November 15th, 2021