Comply with the Facility’s personnel, safety, and corporate policies and procedures.
Comply with the nursing department’s policies and procedures.
Report witnessed or reported allegations of resident abuse/neglect immediately to the Administrator/DON or Nurse Manager on Call.
Treat residents, family members, visitors, and team members with respect and dignity.
Maintain the confidentiality of all resident and family information.
Report to work on time and as scheduled.
Report any complaints/grievances made by residents to the Director of Nursing Services or per policy.
Participate and cooperate with any facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies as requested by the Administrator or Director of Nursing Services.
Maintain a clean and organized medication cart and medication room.
Always protect resident privacy when administering medication, knock before entering the resident’s room.
Accurately and safely prepare, administer, and document the oral and/or topical medications that are commonly used in this facility that may be ordered for resident use by the attending physician or the Medical Director.
Document and report errors in the administration of medications immediately upon discovery.
Ensure that all medications administered are properly labeled and follow facility policy on storage, labeling and dating of medications.
Complete medication charting per facility policy and procedure.
Assist with following facility policies and procedures regarding the destroying of medications.
Assist in documenting and removing medications that are discontinued by the attending physician.
Follow facility procedures governing drug receipt errors, including notifying the delivery source and the Director of Nursing Services.
Follow the facility’s procedures allowing residents to self-administer their medications.
Assist the Nurse Supervisor/Charge Nurse in monitoring and documenting all aspects of such self-administering.
Notify nurse when medication refills are needed.
Be familiar with the meaning and usage of common medical abbreviations, symbols, and terms relative to the administration of medications as used by the facility, pharmacists, and physicians.

Compensation: $16/hour and up depending on experience; shift differential

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