Website Design Specialist

UEI® Group is a growing international organization looking for someone who can add creative value and e-marketing skills to our marketing group. The Graphic Design/ Electronic/Web Sites Coordinator is a self-motivated and results-drive individual that is responsible for web sites, social media and various other electronic marketing materials. This position will be integral to our marketing team’s efforts to ensure consistent strategies, messaging and banding are being utilized with all companies and global offices.

Job responsibilities:
Web site: Will strategically plan, coordinate, enhance and maintain UEI® Group corporate websites. Manage and support E-Commerce storefronts and their functionality. Responsible for the customer’s experience on the websites including navigation, content, graphics, landing pages and promotions. Ensure that SEO and SEM techniques and strategies are well implemented, analyze site usage and traffic patterns to improve customer experience and conversion rates- use analytical tools to generate monthly reports.
E-marketing: Drive traffic and sales with email marketing and campaigns. Facilitate the companies’ e-marketing efforts including campaign development and execution, and reporting. Develop creative content, graphics and promotions. Utilize analytics, ad tracking, tag management, content management. Continually evaluate and identify new opportunities through a review of ROI. Utilize tie-ins to E-Marketing and websites. Provide assistance in developing new strategies and best practices.

Wages: $18-$20/hour. Email your resume to:

Listing expires on Saturday April 11th, 2020