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Website Design Specialist

UEI® Group is a growing international organization looking for someone who can add creative value and e-marketing skills to our marketing group. The Graphic Design/ Electronic/Web Sites Coordinator is a self-motivated and results-drive individual that is responsible for web sites, social media and various other electronic marketing materials. This position will be integral to our marketing team’s efforts to ensure consistent strategies, messaging and banding are being utilized with all companies and global offices.

Job responsibilities:
Web site: Will strategically plan, coordinate, enhance and maintain UEI® Group corporate websites. Manage and support E-Commerce storefronts and their functionality. Responsible for the customer’s experience on the websites including navigation, content, graphics, landing pages and promotions. Ensure that SEO and SEM techniques and strategies are well implemented, analyze site usage and traffic patterns to improve customer experience and conversion rates- use analytical tools to generate monthly reports.
E-marketing: Drive traffic and sales with email marketing and campaigns. Facilitate the companies’ e-marketing efforts including campaign development and execution, and reporting. Develop creative content, graphics and promotions. Utilize analytics, ad tracking, tag management, content management. Continually evaluate and identify new opportunities through a review of ROI. Utilize tie-ins to E-Marketing and websites. Provide assistance in developing new strategies and best practices.

Wages: $18-$20/hour. Email your resume to: cmarquez@ueigroup.com.

Listing expires on Saturday April 11th, 2020

Media Associate

Job Title: Media Associate (Mobile Communications)

Are you looking for Monday-Friday Day Shift? No Nights! No Weekends!
Asset LifeCycle has some great opportunities currently available!


The Media Associate will assist with the expansion of the product processing department. A person in this role will be responsible for processing various types of equipment received by Asset LifeCycle (ALC). Media Associates, while under limited supervision, will perform inspections, including confirming the quality of items, initiate diagnostic testing which may include product repair, and list products in the online store/portal from inventory. The Media Associate should also appreciate being challenged, take initiative, be goal oriented, and can understand and adhere to the many product standards for a diverse variety of product types.

• Identify equipment received and determine status based on set criteria.
• Perform “power-on” testing of all equipment types.
• Perform basic testing and refurbishing of equipment.
• Identify working components and salvage for reuse.
• Organize and complete documentation and product associated paperwork.
• Enter information into a proprietary database.
• Mark and tag components so that stock inventory can be tracked and identified.
• Stack and wrap diagnosed equipment on pallets for shipment and transport them to storage areas, using pallet jacks.
• Meet goals and targets set by Operations Supervisor.
• Maintain area in a neat and organized fashion.
• Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

• High School Diploma or GED
• Technical Degree in IT/Mobile Communications or related field preferred.

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Required for this position.


ALC’s business hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm CST. Some overtime may be required.

The majority of the work will be performed in a non-climate controlled warehouse environment which may be excessively warm in the summer months and cool in the winter months. The noise level is low to moderate. The dress code is casual which includes t-shirts and jeans.

Asset LifeCycle LLC will conduct pre-employment background investigations and drug testing as a condition of employment.
Equal Opportunity Employer.

Keywords: technical work, mobile communications, media wiping, phone repair

Apply online at https://www.assetlc.com

Listing expires on Tuesday March 31st, 2020

Database Administrator III

Position Summary:
This position will supervise female inmate workers in the Coding Program at Topeka Correctional Facility. The duties will involve the development of database elements and procedures for extracting, transporting and loading data from legacy systems into a new system under development. the incumbent will maintain databases and monitor the backups, security, and availability with the systems.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

• Develop database elements, including tables and views. Incumbent will support offender projects and provide guidance
• Develop processes for importing data from legacy systems
• Maintain databases, monitor backups, security and availability
• Document structure and details of databases
• Assists application developers in specifying data sources in the new KDOC system and in data acquisition
• Support developers and users with the database of the Juvenile systems

Listing expires on Saturday November 9th, 2019

Project Analyst

Position Summary:
This position is responsible for coordinating and managing the Kansas Correctional Industries Coding Program at Topeka Correctional Facility. The duties will involve project planning through coordination with project groups to develop project requirements. Reports and budgetary monitoring will be required of the incumbent. Project execution of developed plans will involve the planning and coordination of the work of female inmate staff and tracking progress through tracking, reports, and collaboration with developers and stakeholders.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:
• Manage IT project plans and coordinate with work of project staff, internal and contracted, working on the project
• Track project progress against established timeline, budget and deliverable definitions
• Maintain project specific tools and practices to ensure effective project tracking, reporting and collaboration
• Identify, report and facilitate the resolution of project deficiencies in the form of issues and risks
• Develop or assist in the development of project plans (including Requirements Document, schedules, Communication Plans, Quality Plans, Deliverable Definition Documents, etc.) budget requests and management procedures.
• Initiate project specific tools (such as MS Project and Sharepoint) and practices within the State of Kansas guidelines which will be used to facilitate project tracking, reporting and collaboration
• Coordinate and develop High Level and Detailed planning documents for CITO reportable projects

Listing expires on Saturday November 9th, 2019

Customer Experience Representative

Provides a world-class customer service experience by trouble shooting and resolving complex customer inquiries from members, employers, and providers.

Essential Functions:
Research, resolve and respond to inquiries and correspondence via telephone, written communication and/or in person. Inquiries will be from members, providers, group leaders and internal staff regarding a diverse range of topics including, but not limited to, contract benefits, changes in coverage, eligibility, claims, provider networks, payments and appeals.
Uses critical thinking skills to determine course of action needed to resolve inquiry or complaint.
Must be comfortable being monitored for level of efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction and must be able to meet performance standards to achieve both individual and department goals.
Must be able to communicate effectively with appropriate tone and content. Customer Service calls are recorded to ensure accuracy and to provide a tool for feedback for reps.
Must be able to balance workload to ensure timely and accurate response to both internal and external customers.
Initiate claims adjustments and update enrollment information through the on-line systems as determined necessary through inquiries.
Must demonstrate the ability to listen, talk, type and perform research simultaneously using various research channels, both online and hard copy.
Must be able to follow a call guide.
Ability to provide education to our members and providers on various avenues available to them to obtain information such as the website.
Promote good working relations and positive work environment while acting as a role model to coworkers.
Must remain positive, pleasant, and helpful under a wide variety of circumstances including angry customers. Employee must be able to be on telephone constantly except for breaks and lunches and must wear a headset that plugs into the phone. Communication by telephone and direct personal contacts will consume 95% of the workday. Must operate a Personal Computer (PC) at least 95% of the day in which a sitting/stationary position is required. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear. Is subject to work standards and must achieve and maintain a commendable performance level in production and quality with minimal supervision. Must be able to adhere to a very strict schedule to include varying start and stop times and when allowed to go to break/lunch.

High school education or its equivalent required. College or continuing education courses in communications, interpersonal relationships, psychology, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, composition or business letter writing is preferred.
Working knowledge of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas customer service systems is required upon completion of training.
Detailed knowledge of contracts, benefit coding, enrollment regulations, and legal issues such as HIPAA, COBRA, OBRA, and MSP are required upon completion of training.
Excellent customer service skills, problem solving skills and organizational skills are required.
Must be comfortable working individually in a structured environment.
Proficiency in Grammar, Spelling, Typing and Basic Math are required.
Two year’s experience navigating multiple computer systems preferred.
Two year’s customer service experience preferred.
Excellent human relations and communication skills are required with the ability to interact positively with external customers and all levels of internal staff

Listing expires on Friday September 27th, 2019