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Johnsonville Jr. Maintenance Technician

Johnsonville Sausage / Banner Creek LLC – INTERNAL / EXTERNAL Job Posting

Johnsonville Jr. Maintenance Technician

Have you been considering a role in Maintenance and may have been told that you do not have the level of skills needed at this time to acquire a Technician position? Do you have a passion for troubleshooting problems and maintaining equipment? Johnsonville has a program dedicated to learning and developing these critical Maintenance skills? By participating in this Junior Maintenance Technician program you will work side by side with the Maintenance Team doing exactly that. You will be able to develop your understanding of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic skills as well as participate in continuous improvement activities. This is a 2 year program designed to getting you ready for a higher position in Maintenance.

Members that are awarded this position will work through a training program under the guidance of journeymen maintenance technicians to insure the skill area needs of the position, development of the individual, and guiding principles of Johnsonville are met.

What are the essential functions of the job?
• Work through and complete Johnsonville internal TPC Maintenance course curriculum.
• Learn how to perform high quality preventive maintenance tasks on production equipment
• Learn skills needed to maintain and repair various production equipment
• Assist with perform routine safety checks on maintenance hand tools, shop equipment, ladders, and maintenance PPE.
• Learn troubleshooting skills for solving electrical and mechanical problems on various production equipment
• Assist on project or shutdown work
• Assist with new equipment installation and/or equipment relocation
• Assist with maintaining facilities and equipment to meet Johnsonville, OSHA and U.S.D.A. standards
• Be an active part of maintenance team meetings. Share ideas to improve uptime of plant equipment through equipment modifications and improve machine reliability.
• Develop Maintenance Technical trade skills through on the job training OJT (i.e. Welding, plumbing, basic electrical, basic machining practices)
• Use SAP for essential maintenance activities (i.e. Completing work orders, Scanning parts to work orders and packaging production materials to lines, Ordering materials to work orders)

What are the job-related requirements? (Job skills, experience, education)
• Candidate must agree to commit that upon successful completion of the two year program, member actively applies for Full Time Maintenance Technician postings within Johnsonville Sausage
• Candidate must demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to personal development
• Candidate must be highly motivated and exploring a technical career path
• Candidate must demonstrate safe work behavior and habits
• Candidate should Provide a High Level of Detail and Pride towards equipment maintenance, projects, general housekeeping and maintaining all shop/utility areas in a neat/orderly fashion
• High School Diploma or equivalent is required
• Candidate must demonstrate a strong ability to learn
• Candidate must be able to work in different environments (i.e. indoors, outdoors, hot/cold temperatures)
• Ability to communicate effectively and professionally to customers
• Proven ability to work within a team environment
• Good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude
• Administrative skills (record keeping)
• Computer savvy (including Microsoft Word, Excel, Easy DMS and SAP)
• Candidate must be able to safely lift up to 85 pounds
• Must be able to work assigned shifts (1-3)

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Pay Range: Hourly $15.50--$17.50, plus shift premium Hours: Varied; overtime expected. Shift: Float

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