JOB OBJECTIVE: To provide medical support, assistance, training, advocacy, evaluation for those individuals served by Day Services/Senior Services and TARC Industries/Employment Services as well as their TARC staff.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Day Services/Senior Services Director


*Provide assessment and care:
Provide weekly health checks as identified by the persons supported Program Coordinator.
Provide nursing care when necessary to ensure the welfare of those supported.
Provide emergency medical supports.
Provide environmental checks to ensure universal precautions are routinely followed.
Provide daily medical checks for all of those supported in Day and Senior Services.
Attend PCSP and team meetings for those persons with significant medical needs.
Provide monthly observation of medication administration and med logs.
Follow up on all recommendations.
Inform Day Services Director when medical needs of persons supported are unmet or care/treatment is being compromised.

Develop written curriculum and provide staff with in-service training in the areas of:
universal precautions
medication administration and documentation
suction machine
blood pressure
pressure sores
tube feeding and irrigation
infection and disease control
Hepatitis B
Other related health topics as they arise.
Work with new and experienced staff and teach methods to meet the medical needs to include proper transfer techniques (two person transfer/Hoyer Lift Transfer), universal precaution, etc of those we serve as outlined on the persons supported’s PCSP.
Work with the DS/SS Director and Training Coordinator in providing in-service training opportunities.

*Maintain all medical equipment and ensure all medical equipment is in working condition.
Develop and maintain equipment logs.
Provide input to the Day Services/Senior Services Director for needed materials and equipment necessary for meeting persons supported’s medical needs, i.e. sanitary gloves, individual medical supplies, etc.
Provide input to the Day Services/Senior Services Director re: medical equipment and supplies needed for the Division’s annual budget.

*Document any and all medical assessment, evaluation, and Range of Motion and Aquatic Therapy notes, follow up, training provided, and consultation and maintain accurate records in compliance with state and federal regulations and guidelines.
Perform monthly review of medication logs.
Perform monthly review of logs for any medical procedure performed.
Provide monthly reports and data, as requested.

Perform direct nursing and therapeutic procedures utilized by licensed nursing staff.
*Train staff in the administration of medication to persons supported, Range of Motion exercise to include Aquatic exercises, the training of persons supported to self-administer medication (where appropriate), and the provision of treatments, as prescribed by a licensed physician.
Report any medication errors immediately to the Day Services/Senior Services Director.
Provide on-going follow-up to ensure staff are following appropriate procedures.
Provide supervision and direction over the Aquatic Therapy Program.
Supervise and train the Restorative Aide and Aquatic Specialist.

*Represent TARC in the community by working in cooperation with medical professionals, consultants, residential providers and guardians/families.
Develop and maintain an effective, professional relationship with team, parents, guardians, colleagues, and TARC staff to ensure effective communication. *Actively participate on the Behavior Management Committee.
Work with Day Services/Senior Services Team to continue the advancement and level of service delivery provided by Day Services/Senior Services.
Actively participate in Day Services team meetings through effective communication, openness to suggestions and new ideas.

Assist in the upkeep, organization and sanitation of the program environments and any materials/equipment utilized.
Attend appropriate in-services and present information/resource material available to Day Services/Senior Services staff.
Maintain awareness and practice TARC, Inc. policies and procedures.
Exercise TARC, Inc. philosophy and Code of Ethics.
DS/SS Representative for the Safety Committee
Coordinate and perform TARC’s TB clinic for TARC employees

*Essential Functions of the job.

EDUCATION: Registered Nurse (RN) License for the State of Kansas with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Emphasis in psychiatric nursing preferred.

EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Registered Nurse with five years experience working with persons with developmental disabilities.

Number of openings:



$40,000 per year

How to Apply:

Apply online or in person at TARC Inc. 2701 S W Randolph Ave Topeka, KS 66611

Apply online here

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