Heavy Equipment Operator

Job Responsibilities:
This person will be responsible for:
-Operating various equipment, such as loaders, articulated dump trucks, tractors, skid steers, dirt scrapers, graders, and dozers in a safe manner.
-Providing support throughout the feedlot, such as piling and hauling manure, loading trucks, blading roads and alleyways, and dozing corn and silage piles.
-Executing the goals to maintain and repair pens according to the strategy outlined by the management team.
-Ensuring the quality of pen maintenance and repair supports the overall lowest cost program by minimizing damage to pens and reducing future activity if possible.
-Performing basic preventative maintenance and upkeep on equipment, including greasing, washing, and changing fluids/filters, in a timely fashion.
-Ensuring an effective information collection process is followed as it relates to monthly repair audits, daily activity sheets, and equipment maintenance logs.
-Recognizing that weather conditions may require constant change in activities and that cattle comfort is first and foremost regarding this activity.
-Supporting any and all efforts needed during storm recovery.

Job Qualifications:
Ideal candidate would possess the following qualifications:
-Mechanically inclined with working knowledge of large diesel powered equipment.
-Demonstration of skills, knowledge, and experience in pen maintenance and manure management.
-Ability and willingness to learn and operate multiple pieces of equipment to support the team.
-Proficient in routine and preventative maintenance of equipment.
-Must work well in a team-oriented environment.
-Commitment to safety and quality culture.

Other Job Information:
This position requires:
-Exerting 50-100 pounds of force occasionally; 10-20 pounds of force constantly. Sitting, twisting, and reaching/handling/grasping frequently; standing, walking, carrying, lifting/lowering, pushing/pulling, bending, climbing, stairs, and kneeling/crouching occasionally; crawling rarely.
-Driving a vehicle or piece of equipment up to 95% of the day.
-Valid Driver’s License.

$2,500 Hiring Bonus

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