Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines
Hours/Week: 40+

Starting Salary: $ 17.00 Per Hour
• 401k
• Clothing/Uniform Allowance
• Dental Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Holidays
• Vacation

How to apply:
apply in person at 9620 E. HWY 24 Manhattan, KS 66502 apply on line at www.shilconst.com

Job Description
Custom Job Purpose:
diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul asphalt equipment.

• Repair and replace damaged or worn parts.
• Operate and inspect machines or heavy equipment to diagnose defects.
• Test mechanical products and equipment after repair or assembly to ensure proper performance and compliance with manufacturers’ specifications.
• Clean, lubricate, and perform other routine maintenance work on equipment and vehicles.
• Schedule maintenance for industrial machines and equipment, and keep equipment service records.
• Research, order, and maintain parts inventory for services and repairs.
• Clean parts by spraying them with grease solvent or immersing them in tanks of solvent.
• Weld or solder broken parts and structural members, using electric or gas welders and soldering tools.

Work Context
Requires bending or twisting, Requires kneeling, crouching, stooping or crawling, Requires standing, Requires repetitive movement, Requires using hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools or controls, Requires face-to-face discussions with individuals or teams, Requires telephone conversations, Requires working in cramped work spaces and getting into awkward positions, Includes exposure to contaminants , Requires working in very hot (above 90 F degrees) or very cold (below 32 F degrees) temperatures, Requires making decisions that affect other people, the financial resources, and/or the image and reputation of the organization, Requires making decisions that impact the results of co-workers, clients or the company, Requires exposure to hazardous conditions, Requires being exact or highly accurate, Requires meeting strict deadlines, Requires work with others in a group or team, Includes responsibility for work outcomes and results, Requires working indoors in non-controlled environmental conditions

Work Activities
• Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
• Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
• Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
• Making Decisions and Solving Problems
• use measuring devices in repairing industrial or heavy equipment
• use vehicle repair tools or safety equipment
• understand technical operating, service or repair manuals
• test mechanical products or equipment
• overhaul industrial or construction machinery or equipment
• diagnose malfunctioning vehicle systems
• follow vehicle repair procedures
• diagnose mechanical problems in machinery or equipment
• set up and operate variety of machine tools
• repair or replace malfunctioning or worn mechanical components
• use arc welding equipment
• use machine tools in installation, maintenance, or repair
• move or fit heavy objects
• use control or regulating devices to adjust or maintain industrial machinery
• maintain or repair industrial or related equipment/machinery
• service vehicle with water, fuel, or oil
• apply cleaning solvents
• follow safe waste disposal procedures
• test operate vehicles before or after repair
• use hand or power tools
• overhaul vehicle major operating units, such as engines or transmissions
• understand service or repair manuals
• lubricate machinery, equipment, or parts
• inspect machinery or equipment to determine adjustments or repairs needed
• read work order, instructions, formulas, or processing charts

Education and Experience
Additional Information:
Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent is preferred along with experience and training in mechanical disciplines.

Specific Skills:
• Must posses a valid Kansas Commercial Driver’s License.
Basic Skills
• Active Learning

• Active Listening

• Critical Thinking

• Learning Strategies

• Reading Comprehension

• Speaking
Social Skills
• Coordination

• Instructing

• Service Orientation

• Social Perceptiveness
Complex Problem Solving Skills
• Complex Problem Solving
Technical Skills
• Equipment Maintenance

• Equipment Selection

• Operation Monitoring

• Operation and Control

• Quality Control Analysis

• Repairing

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Starting Salary $17.00 per hour. Benefits: 401K Uniform Allowance Insured benefits Holidays Vacation

How to Apply:

Apply in person at : 9620 E. Highway 24 Manhattan, KS 66502 Apply on line at : www.shilconst.com

Apply online here

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