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Can a CNA make a difference?
The answer is a resounding yes!
Emotional Support: you are one of the people the residents see most often. You also most likley spend more time with your clients than your own friends or family. The relationships forged between clients and caregivers are among the most rewarding aspects of working as a CNA
First to Note Potential Problems you are often the first staff members to note changes in a resident’s condition. Notifying your nurse of any changes in your clients’ condition is an important part of the nursing assistant job. The sooner issues like these are addressed, the better.
Observing Changes in Mental Status Through your regular interaction with the residents, you become attuned to their individual moods, quirks and personalities. It will be obvious to you if a client is acting out of character. Again, your timely intervention will ensure the resident receives the proper care as quickly as possible.
Providing Encouragement Depression is very common among the elderly. Even with clients who aren’t “clinically” depressed, many just “give up,” This is when the relationships forged between nursing assistants and residents in long-term care really come in handy. With a little bit of luck, a resident will comply, even if it’s grudgingly, for a trusted CNA

As a CNA you can make a difference!

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